Friday, November 13, 2009


Y., originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

"Y. es un trabajo que sorprenderá a los que esperen una continuación de Pafuera telarañas. Bebe ha.."

Finally after years of waiting for more Bebe today I received her new cd Y. Now it's playing and I've pressed the repeat button. In the summer of 2005 I was snooping around with the cd's in a FNAC store in Barcelona and was attracted by the cd cover of Bebe's cd Pafuera telarañas. When I heard the first song "men señara" I got goose pimples all over my body and knew this was My Favorite Singer! During that holiday I played the cd repeatedly and my 8 year old daughter Pippa sang the Spanish lyrics error-free after some weeks.
I wanted to know where these songs were about and I even took Spanish lessons for that reason.

Meanwhile Bebe became an actress and didn't make cd´s anymore.
I never gave up hope and last week I discovered by chance that Bebe has released a new cd and ordered one immediately. I've been waiting for years for this moment! She did it again; goose pimples and tears in my eyes. Y si, esta es mi BEBE


  1. thaks for that link! I heard her music a while ago. Although I live in NL I am a native spanish speaker and I always liked Bebes soft voice and honest lyrics. I had lost track of her...

  2. That's great Ingrid! I'm already listening to it now on her website (so nice that so many music is available to listen to there!) and it sounds amazing. This really is my kind of music too. So fun to read a bit more about what Bebe's music does to you! (I didn't realize it was listening to her music that made you want to learn Spanish... Isn't it wonderful that you can like music this much that you want to know all about it?)

  3. Thanks for letting me get to know her music, it's wonderful. I love you blog, by the way.

  4. Delighted to find your blog...and the Bebe music, too! Thanks, I have bookmarked you and will return soon.

  5. Hi Ingrid, came here from Yvestown. Great blog I look forward to seeing more.

  6. I love her!! So awesome that you even took spanish classes! Her lyrics are AMAZING... her songs are so real and relaxing at the same time... Very cool that you found her!

  7. That vase is fantastic!

    And I'll have to look for that cd. Sounds delightful.