Monday, March 21, 2011

aujourd'hui printemps

aujourd'hui printemps, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

On my desk:

Dottie Angel notebooks
and she's standing next to a wood & wool stool :) on the cover.

Recycled wool,
bits and pieces of yarn
that are no longer used and knotted together.
Not in order to save material,
just because I like it so much.

A postcard from Barcelona, received from Henk & Minne.
The colored laundry makes me cheerful.

And right in the middle
a vintage desk calendar,
in French,
which makes it even more chic.
It's not fully automatic
but by pushing the black button
a new day will begin.


  1. amazing how such a little slice of daily life can be so lovely and hold such meaning. beautiful! thanks for sharing it and hope this finds you well! a

  2. Heerlijk het is lente!
    Beginnen je plantjes al te groeien?
    Vandaag alweer zo'n fijne dag met mooi weer.

  3. Oh i love your calendar, my life would whizz by I'd be pressing that button way too much!

  4. Oh...if only my desk had a collection half as lovely on it! Happy spring!

  5. Prachtige foto in al zijn eenvoud...alleen de kleuren al! En dan die desk kalender! Geweldig :-)

  6. Supermooie foto! En jeej lente!