Friday, May 6, 2011

best of berlin [michelberger hotel]

We stayed in the Michelberger Hotel and enjoyed every second of it!

"Das Michelberger" is a hotel for everyone,
except: south Germans, English and Irish,
from a number greater than 5,
or in Superman suits.
and except those asking;
When do you finish the floors and walls?


  1. No, I mean..seriously?? I've booked a room in this place!! I can't wait, 20 days and I'm there! ;-)

  2. @ Ilaria; It's a cool and lovely place where you will feel at home the first minute you walk in. It also is an ideal spot to explore Berlin, you have a train, u bahn and tram right in front of the entrance. Enjoy! x

  3. That's great!! ;-) I've read a review in a magazine a couple of months ago and that's why I've decided to book there. I think that was a good choise!
    Thank you and enjoy Berlin,

  4. what about jews and dogs, are they aloud???
    any way, i don't find it funny.

  5. looks like you've had a great time!!
    i love people with a sense of humour, like the people who work at michelberger, their bar is so nice!