Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer celebration

summer celebration by wood & wool stool
summer celebration, a photo by wood & wool stool on Flickr.

Celebrating the first real summer evening in the garden.

Sunday 9.22 pm
with all the trimmings
a Petit Pan garland garland
a Habitat festival outdoor fairy light
all cushions and floor mats available
drinks & salads
cheers to a nice long summer!


  1. O wat mooi! De volgende picknick bij jou? ;P

  2. I love everything about the summer.. And ofcourse I loved your summer garden a lot... So prety..

  3. looks perfect!
    i´m so glad you like the print. i had a heart attack when i found it under some papers on my table. i thought i had mailed it ages ago....
    big hugs ingrid!

  4. this looks like the loveliest most happy little summer space! love the lights, cushions and bunting!

  5. @ Esther; gezellig plan en je mag altijd komen als je zin hebt x

    @ Jane; It's on my desk and I had completely forgotten about my prize, so it was a real spanish surprice. Gracias! x

  6. Cold and warm! Perfect combination!