Friday, November 4, 2011

home sweet home & office

I've been working at home this morning:
Updating the administration and preparing packages for shipment.
(the non-creative side of the wood & wool business also must be done)

Fortunately I have a nice 'office' and with loud music and a beautiful 'second hand' bouquet beside me.
(Some weeks on my weekly Flowerday at Villa Augustus, the flowers of last week are too good to throw away. They have a second life for about two days. Fading roses are the best!)

The garden gentre also delivered 25 heavy bags with gravel for the front yard.
(another garden project next Sunday) and when I was resting on the bench in the front yard for a while, I saw a small leaf on the upper branch of the yellow ginkgo tree. Like a heart against the bright blue sky.
November 4th. Yay I love those infinite beautiful autumn days!


  1. what an inspiring place to work...quite lovely rx

  2. happy days!
    p.s. i love your office. :)

  3. It must be very grateful working in a beautiful house like yours!

  4. What a lovely bright office space you've created to work in. Beautiful and tranquil!
    Jo :)

  5. mooi een ginkgo! tja wat een geweldige herfst toch he?!
    ...voor tulpen geldt trouwens dat ze pas tweedehands op hun mooist zijn ;)