Sunday, April 15, 2012

harira soup on the square

This last Marrakech post is about the delicious traditional Moroccan dishes we have consumed on the Jemee-el-Fna square. Here I am sipping my Harira soup.

The best thing about eating on the square, is that you sit down somewhere for a soup and have the next dish somewhere else. The restaurant stands are great to enjoy the Moroccan kitchen. The atmosphere is unique and we have had lots of food and fun on the square.

Marrakech, what a city! We will certainly return...

Oh and next time it's about wood and wool and stools again.
(the handmade woolen hat I've bought in the souk)


  1. yes !! j'ai des origines marocaines et connais très bien cette délicieuse soupe et Marrakech !! bises

  2. I remember a range of food in that square not all as enticing as your soup! Love that hat though. I am trying to find some good chemo hats and would love to try and make one like that for when the baldness arrives in a few weeks. Can you post a photo of it flat so I can try and replicate the stitches? Thanks!

    1. hej Annie, i will send you some flat close up images. it's a kind of moroccan crochet (just need your @ details) X

  3. catching up on your adventures. i´m loving all the colors. thanks for this little glimpse. :)

  4. Wat hebben jullie weer mooie foto's gemaakt. En wat fijn dat jullie zo genoten hebben. Het volgen was ook een feestje hoor :-)

  5. Aaah, dat Adidasjasje! Te gek! Mooie sfeer daar in Marrakech.

  6. Wat een prachtige foto's van jullie Marrakech-trip. Leuk om de Household Hardware sfeer en spullen in het huis van Ank terug te zien; wat een relaxte plaats om te verblijven.
    En verliefd op je kekke jasje :)

  7. I love your Moroccan posts. You have captured the light and colours so beautifully and perfectly. I am really enjoying reading your blog!