Saturday, June 23, 2012

first class scrap wood given a second life

New in stock!
Beautiful original stained second hand wood.

Some wood gets a second life;
as a wood & wool stool,
or as a tree
or simply as a sign.

I do not know whether I'm more fond of wood or wool.
Wool can be found everywhere and in all colors.
Scrap wood is scarce and becoming increasingly difficult to find.
(it's jokingly called the new gold)

I am so thrilled with this pretty pile of wood and I'm wondering what it ultimately will be.


  1. You are the sorceress! Surely something come up!
    Beautiful are your works! I love it! ♥

  2. I am going to the Netherlands this summer - also Amsterdam - will you recommend any shops, cafés or other stuff to me?

    Is it possible to see your products anywhere in a shop or something?

    : )

  3. Als ik moet kiezen ga ik denk ik toch voor hout... Prachtige vondst! Je maakt er vast week iets heel moois van ;-)

  4. Het moet vast als goud in je handen voelt. Wat een prachtige kleuren bij elkaar. Geniet van alle mooie dingen die je er van maakt!