Wednesday, August 15, 2012

doors wide open

doors wide open by wood & wool stool
doors wide open, a photo by wood & wool stool on Flickr.
The ultimate summer feeling at home;

doors wide open!

My first thing in the morning,
if possible the garden doors remain wide open until late at night.


  1. Heerlijk om te genieten van het mooie weer hier op je eigen mooie terras!

  2. Hi Ingrid!
    I´ve been dreaming of a wool and wood stool for ages, but unfortunately it seems that you don´t ship to Norway? Why oh why?:)
    It would get a very good home in my care;)

    Love the open doors by the way, I´m the same way - I love keeping the doors open all day long during summer (the other day our cat dragged in a half dead bird through the open doors, but that doesn´t stop me!).
    Have a lovely evening, I keep my fingers crossed that you´ll ship to Norway...

    Love Ingrid

    1. Hej Ingrid! Thanks for your comment and I do ship worldwide, no problem to ship to Norway whatsoever.
      Your dream can come true ;) Fine summer evening Xx