Thursday, November 22, 2012

anything is allowed...

anything is allowed by wood & wool stool
anything is allowed, a photo by wood & wool stool on Flickr.
A large knitted sweater with 'net stockings' and sneakers?
It may sound weird, but I think it's a cool outfit.

Today the mailman brought a H & M package.
Tonight after work I found the online purchases and though I had not ordered the garments as one outfit (I never buy complete sets) the unexpected combination seemd really awesome to me when I tried it on accidentally.

I'm wearing:
H&M gift of the week & magic legging by Maison Martin Margiela with black New Balance sneakers


  1. Wouldn't think of it either but I love it !

  2. Ik had het niet kunnen verzinnen, maar het staat je goed :)

  3. You look gorgeous!! And there is nothing better than a huge sweater, leggings, and cool footwear. :)

  4. you look great, and SOO comphy, which to me is the best kinda outfit!