Saturday, February 2, 2013

hometown dordrecht


Saturday shopping in my hometown Dordrecht.
We visited Intermezzo to buy some yarn and we took a walk to Lammie's shop.
Walking through the old town of Dordrecht is beautiful, especially with sunshine.

On request, additional information for the Fashionistas:

knitted hat - Marrakech souk
red lipstick - Lancome Color Fever Matte Lipstick #151
a messy braid
woolen cardigan - Sissy Boy
woolen belt - Urban Outfitters
black jumper - H & M
grey leopard jeans - H & M
clogboots - Uggs
the basket bag  - from Nairobi (a Christmas gift from my dearest sister)


  1. Wat een leuke en vrolijke foto's!

  2. Wat een super leuke foto´s! en aan de foto´s te zien is Dordrecht wel erg leuk.
    Misschien wel de moeite waard om er eens te gaan kijken want zo ver er vanaf woon ik niet, hihi


  3. jeuj, jij bent echt een knapperd! Tis dat Dordrecht een eindje hier vandaan is, maar ben ik eens in de buurt, dan geef ik een gil!

  4. Popped by to say Hi Ingrid!! These photos are beautiful, love the whole look!! I absolutely adore that hat. I've never worn a hat as after constant searching I can never seem to find one that suits me, or should I say a hat that dosen't make me look like the village idiot! Perhaps it is the faces I seem to pull in the mirror that seem to make me look a bit 'special' ha! Looking at your hat, I am sooooo tempted to try one like that. Karen :) x

  5. Hee wat een leuke foto's! Dat blauwe lijstje is geweldig en dat kettingneuspoppetje...:)

  6. Ooohh I'm really liking this fashion posts, you're way cool!

  7. Holland is beautiful.. You, too! I have been to Den Haag, Leiden and Delft and of course Schiphol. And rode the train from Bad Bentheim to Den Haag, seeing small towns and countryside along the way. Beautiful! My daughter has been to Dordrecht and many other cities. How can they all be so pretty??? I have been to Paris and Berlin but Holland is just so painterly!!! tot ziens from USA

  8. Lovely post! Can anyone buy yarn at Intermezzo? I live in Utrecht and have not heard of a yarn store there.

    1. Hej Jen, Thanks! Intermezzo had a wool sale last Saturday, they don't sell normally, but it's a wonderful place to visit. Very inspiring!

    2. Thanks, I'll have to check it out sometime.

  9. Hallo Ingrid

    Wat een prachtige foto's!
    Volg je blog met veel plezier.
    Woon zelf ook in Dordrecht en het is een prachtig stadje. Bij het zien van jou foto's krijg ik gelijk zin om de binnenstad in te gaan!

    Groetjes Nelleke

  10. Beautiful pictures!
    Love your hat and your bag :)