Monday, February 10, 2014

just a yellow lemon tree

sitting by the lemon treelemon ruglemonslemon treelemon treelemon rug

We have a houseplant!

There are always flowers in the house, but never plants.
This small lemon tree is the first!
I'd love to have a huge lemon tree once, but I'm afraid it will not survive, so it's a start.

The lemon tree is on my desk and this song is in my head; And all that I can see is just another lemon tree...
Also on the desk; the matching pages of week 6 in the Villa Augustus agenda.
The lemon rug we bought last year at Bobo Choses and it's hanging on the wall in the livingroom.


  1. Hi Ingrid, when I see your nice little plant, in my head there is another song: "Lemon tree" by Peter, Paul + Mary (which I loved very much when I was young:)))
    Ciao Helga

  2. All my favourite pastels together, how beautiful ! I have the lemon rug, right now it's on the floor in my girls room, thinking that I should maybe save it from an eventual disaster and hang it on the wall instead...
    I like the plate with the giraffe, it is from Anthropologie ?
    / Jenny

    1. The rug is amazing and I like it on the wall :)
      The cute giraffe plate is from Anthropologie and it reminds me of my first 'baby' plate ;)
      Cheers, Ingrid