Tuesday, July 8, 2014

eureka from ourika

marrakech april 2014july gardenjuly gardenjuly gardenjuly gardenjuly garden

The plastic baskets are from Morocco. It took a while but now they are here in our garden.
During the Cool Crochet workshop in April, I've found them at a market place down the Ourika river and got an EUREKA(!)thought...
The baskets have the most marvelous colors and patterns.
I imagined the baskets would look great around the terra cotta pots in our garden.
It looks even better than I imagined. We love it!


  1. They look fantastic as a way to add some colour to your pots!! What a clever idea and it makes moving them around easier if you need to with the handles on the baskets!! Doubly clever! xx

  2. Wat een mooierds! Geweldig idee, die wil iedereen wel hebben!

  3. Hi Ingrid they look lovely. That day was great wasn't it. Xx

    1. Hej Kathy, Yes it was! I think it was the most beautiful and special day and I have so many good memories Xx cheers Ingrid