Friday, August 29, 2014

snor festival

snor festival

Save the date!

SNOR FESTIVAL Haarweg 6 in Vuren, the Netherlands.
Among all kinds of Snor things to do (workshops, music, food and books) there will also be an Yvestown Market for you to enjoy.
The list of this years marketeers:

wood & wool stool * mondaysmilk * zilverblauw * bypetra * muswerk * maandagdaandag * mikodesign * silly old suitcase * stella by rosa * ida yarnshop * lammie * babycinnokids

You can order tickets HERE.

Hope to meet you at the Snor Festival!


  1. Oh Ingrid, you can't imagine how much I'd love to be there...
    Love from far far away

    1. hej Miriam! yes it would be great! maybe we should organize an argentinian version of the festival! besos, Ingrid

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Amy! i think it will be a wonderful day with lots of lovely people and the coolest booths