Friday, March 27, 2015

eager to gardening

flower seedsdahliasaloë veramiami hot & coolmiami hot & cool

Can't wait to work in the garden. I'm eager to dig in the soil and get dirty fingernails.
Sowing the flower seeds and planting the dahlia bulbs.
Today my sweet friend Yvonne visited me and we had such a lovely day. She brought me some pretty dahlias and the American version of her book Yvestown in the Kitchen. Thanks Yvonne Xx!

We had lunch at Nobel's Brood, wool indulgence at the Textielfabrique, Yvonne showed me her newest book Weekend DIY at the Conceptstore Dordrecht.
We strolled through the beautiful old town of Dordrecht and ended up at Vreeken's Zaden, a famous seeds shop in Dordrecht were we had lots of fun and finally laughed out loud about the fact we spend an hour in a seeds shop... (I bought lots of flower seeds and yes Aloë Vera, houseplant #3)

Moreover I can not wait to transform our garden table into a botanical table, like on the cover of the inspiring book 'Miami Hot & Cool', we already bought 25 years ago.


  1. Oh wat gaaf zo'n tafel! En wat grappig dat het boek al 25 jaar oud is. Helemaal van nu!

  2. Can't wait to see your pretty garden when all those lovely flowers grow. Have fun in the sunshine!