Saturday, April 4, 2015

easter wallpaper

easter wallpapereaster wallpapereaster wallpapereaster wallpapereaster wallpapereaster wallpaper

Dorine de Vos was preparing the Easter pop-up gallery in H E R F S T at Villa Augustus yesterday afternoon.

During Easter the HARE drawings and illustrations by Dorine de Vos will be exhibited in this gallery.

For this occasion Dorine made a very special booklet. The 'test printing sheets' were delivered in the market and I was allowed to bring some of those fantastic illustration sheets back home.

I'm sure I will frame on or more, but for now the gigantic sheets are used as Easter wallpaper! LOVE IT!

Yesterday morning during work I met the talented E m i l y C h a l m e r s when she visited the Villa Augustus marktshop. We had a lovely conversation and I proposed to give her a Watertower Tour in the afternoon. It was wonderful meeting her and family. I was honered when she told me during our walk through the gardens, she came across Villa Augustus through my blog or Instagram and she wanted to go there one day...

We enjoyed the tour & chat and I thought it was special to have this spontaneous meeting with Emily. I'm an admirer of her work and we have several books of her in our book case.

I wish you all a Happy Easter.

If you are in the neighbourhood or don't have any plans for the Easter weekend yet, I can highly recommend you to visit Gallery Herfst.


  1. The Easter wall paper... lovely idea! And I have to say, that I also love the colors of your yarn :) Have a nice time

  2. Beautiful styling. It's perfect and yet, not perfect. 💚

  3. Super leuk! En Ik ben helemaal verliefd op je mooie groene schalen uit Marokko!
    Ik Ben haloes... Die van mij is gebroken...

    Geniet van gezellige passdagen!