Thursday, August 20, 2015


dune de pyla 2009 lisboa 2009lisboa 2009paris 2009 paris 2009 [our 1st selfie] paris 2009 [our 1st selfie] paris in the rain 2009

Happy birthday Pippa!

Today my little girl turns 18! ( did that happen?)

It's wonderful to see how my dear little daughter changed into a beautiful young woman...

I have to admit, I miss the little Pippa now and than.
It's very special to share all the tiny daily things in life and taking care of everything seems so obvious.

This morning I was browsing through our holiday pictures of 2009, when we went on a roadtrip with an old campervan and I remember every single moment.

The first 'selfie' we made at the Notre Dame in Paris, walking in the rain in Paris, running down the Dune de Pyla, shopping in Lisbon.

I cherish all the beautiful memories with our children! It was a great pleasure to show them places around the world. It's priceless!

My beloved Pip, you're a young woman now. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday and a bright future ahead!


  1. Proficiat Ingrid met je prachtige dochter! Het is inderdaad onbetaalbaar om de wereld te laten zien en te delen met je kinderen! Fijne dag vandaag X