Tuesday, October 27, 2015

wool love

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Wool love!

This is what happens when you gather a group of wool-addicted woman from around the world to buy wool in the souk. On the first morning of the 4th cool crochet workshop we visited woolheaven to buy new yarns. The funniest wool carrier ever, brought back the 'private purchases' of the workshop participants to riad Chambres d'Amis, so we could continue our walk with only one big bag of wool to Maison de la Photographie, to start with the first 'lesson'.

After a lovely moroccan lunch we enjoyed the laid back feeling of crochet with a view on the High Atlas Mountains drinking mint tea & moroccan coca cola. Really cool to experience how quiet and peaceful it gets with so many crocheteers togehter. Good vibes!


  1. I've been to Morocco and Tunisia. And although these two trips was years ago, are still excitement... I remember the colors, the streets, the smells, markets, people ... I watch your post and I am transported another once over there .... I wish you have a great day! a hug from Catalonia!

    1. Merci Cristina! I'm back home, but my head is still in Marrakech... X Ingrid