Tuesday, December 29, 2015

december de-decorate

de-decorate - still merry & bright christmas 2015 christmas 2015

Christmas is over, although this shiny still life looks merry & bright.
I've removed the Christmas decoration from our x-mas wall and folded back the stars.

How fun it is to decorate your home for Christmas, I always find the house so light and fresh, once everything goes back to the attic.
Bit early? Yeah maybe, but I've not had that 'Christmas feeling' this year (even though it has been a wonderful time)
Guess I'm not the only one?


  1. Het was te warm, ik miste het kerstgevoel ook. En mijn handen jeuken ook om heel de boel weer in dozen te stoppen, maar ik krijg nog beozek met oudejaar dus nog even geduld...

  2. Here in Argentina we remove the decorations after the 6th of January, after celebrating the wise men's day
    Have a safe and wonderful New Year!