Tuesday, April 12, 2016

marrakech biennale

marrakech april 2014
Medina Marrakech - april 2014
marrakech april 2015
Hassan Hajjaj - april 2015
marrakech october 2015 marrakech october 2015
El Fenn - oktober 2015

Next week I'm off to Marrakech for the 5th edition of the Cool Crochet Workshop. During our week in Marrakech, we are lucky to have the opportunity to discover 'some' of the 6th edition [not new now] of the Marrakech Biennale.

H E R E you can see an interview and the making of the chalk wall paint during the Marrakech Biennale 2014 by Guim Tio. It's my favorite wall painting in the Medina.

The Marrakech Biennale is a festival with the mission to build bridges between the cultures through the arts. To inspire outstanding artists from all over the world to create work that responds to the magical environment of Marrakech. The Marrakech Biennale, founded in 2004, is a celebration of creativity in a city that has been the focus of artistic exploration for centuries; a gathering of arts enthusiasts who organize stimulating conferences, interactive events and world-class exhibitions.

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  1. I just feel like the luckiest person. So excited. Thanks Ingrid.