Monday, June 20, 2016

minne's report

paris june 2016 paris june 2016 paris june 2016 paris june 2016 paris june 2016 paris june 2016 paris june 2016 paris june 2016 paris june 2016

While the 'boys' were watching football at the fanzone around the Tour Eiffel and visited two football matches, Rosa and I where doing 'girl stuff' and went to Jardin des Plants, the sunday Bird & Flower market on Ile de la Cité, shopping in Le Marais and drinking coffee with pain au chocolat.

The atmosphere in Paris was very pleasant and we have seen nothing but positive fans. Rosa and I have even been on the Euro 2016 Fanzone, if only for a brief moment...

I'm not a football fan at all (au contraire), but I love the passion my son Minne has for football. He's a freelance sports journalist and writes for the national newspaper and Staantribune.

Minne preferes to write about the experience rather than match report.

Minne wrote an article about the Football festival at the Eiffel Tower.

Staantribune (Grandstand) is a magazine about football culture, looking at a different way to soccer. The articles deal with everything that has to do with football, except the game itself. In the magazine are great stories, pieces with a humorous note, interviews with a separate angle, interesting background stories about marginal phenomena and articles about fan culture.

paris june 2016

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  1. i'm not a football fan at all, i don't understand why so many people are fan. all this money, all this violence.... but in bordeaux saturday afternoon, it was funny to see green fans (Eire) everywhere. we have a new big stadium in Bordeaux. Perhaps next winter i'll go there(first time for me in a stadium !!!) and see a women's match because the team here is in first division for the first time and i know the girl who coachs them. it will be funny i hope !

    1. Hej Angeline, we've seen a lot of 'green' Ireland fans in Paris too (and they were so funny, cheerful and had so much humor). Henk & Minne went to Stade de France to the match between Ireland & Sweden and had lots of fun. Paris was wonderful and we all had a great time! bisou Ingrid

  2. You must be so proud Ingrid, I read your sons article (with the help of google) it is great and you've got to love those Irish fans enjoying the craic.

    1. Dearest Eimear, thanks for your sweet comment. The Irish folks know how to party ;-) and I love the Irish accent. Sláinte Xx