Sunday, July 17, 2016

summer evenings

summer evening summer evening summer evening summer evening summer evening

The sun shows up at the end of the afternoon for the last couple of days.
Most days start cloudy and don't feel like summerdays at all. So when the sun arrives at the end of the day, we setlle in the backyard and enjoy the sunshine until sunset.

Today I bought some new interior and garden magazines and love the small and simple summer houses in the newest Home & Garden issue.
We were talking about making a kind of tiny greenhouse in our backyard. It's a recurring theme, but the thing is, we don't know where to build it in our not too large backyard.


  1. Wat een heerlijk zomers plaatje! Geweldige kleuren en wat een mooie bloemen. Ben heel benieuwd wat voor bloemetjes er aan de paarse bessentak hangen!
    En... De zomer komt eraan!

  2. Maybe build it on wheels. You can move it with the sun and change your mind about where it goes as often as you like!