Friday, February 17, 2017

marrakech herbarium

marrakech herbarium marrakech herbarium marrakech herbarium marrakech herbarium marrakech herbarium

Friday afternoon herbarium inspiration for the upcoming Green Gardens workshops in Marrakech.

During the workshops the participants can collect seeds, leaves and make drawings or paintings in their notebooks of the daily green impressions at the gardens we will visit.
Actually I planned to work on the workshop program, but after a while I was 'playing around' with the notebooks and started to make some drawings...
I've got lots of inspiration from the Herbarium book and a box with a collection of 100 cards with stylish illustrations from the book Herbarium featuring herb facts.

My kitchen table was covered with books, maps, notebooks, pencils, postcards and illustration books.
I hardly can't wait until it's May and I can get started with my Marrakech herbarium notebook.

SPRING GREEN GARDENS WORKSHOP arrival: Thursday 11th of May - leaving: Tuesday 16th of May
AUTUMN GREEN GARDENS WORKSHOP arrival: Thursday 12th of October - leaving: Tuesday 17th of October
If you would like to join one of the workshops, please send an e-mail for an application form.

You can find more information about the Green Gardens workshops in Marrakech H E R E


  1. hello, where can i buy the herbarium cards in germany ?i love yuor blog. my english is unfortunately not so good....many greetings emma

    1. Hej Enma, i've bought the postcardbox in Antwerp last week. It's made by Thames & Hudson. Cheers, Ingrid