Tuesday, June 27, 2017

handira kaftan

marrakech may 2017 green gardens workshop

Handira is a traditional Moroccan wedding blanket. In the Berber language this wedding blanket is called Tamizart. Ten years ago these beautiful blankets were unknown beyond Morocco and affordable.

Nowadays it’s a whole different thing. Internationally the typical Handira is very popular in interior decoration and the demand for the vintage wedding blankets enormous. Except for being hard to find, the real vintage blankets now cost a small fortune!

On one of my walks in de Medina in May, this Handira kaftan caught my eye.
The carpet salesman noticed my hearteyes and said, try it on...
It was pretty hot at that time and the dress felt quite thick, warm and heavy. So I didn't try it on. Besides, when would I ever wear such a heavy, shiny dress?

But the dress certainly had my full attention!
I thought, well?... as a matter of fact, the handira kaftan as an art object on the wall, could be cool. (and should the opportunity arise, you can always wear it...)


  1. Wauw wat een beauty! Die wil je toch thuis aan de muur hebben hangen??