Friday, September 29, 2017

marrakech vibes

marrakech vibes

This weekend I'm off to Marrakech again. For the fourth time this year...

I'm always happy to return to the Red City.

Next Wednesday we will kick off with a new Cool Crochet workshop in Marrakech. Sophie will join us for the second time.

One week later the second Green Gardens workshop is on the program.
No less than four former participants of the cool crochet workshop, will now join the Green Gardens workshop.
Yay, so nice to see you again Marielle, Ellen Debbie & Tif!

Even though I have just returned from Portugal, I can hardly wait to start with the workshop preparations and meet everyone at Chambres d'Amis.


  1. Have you ever been in Palais de la Zahia, in Marrakech? It’s seems very interesting

  2. I'm counting the hours ! See you next wednesday !

  3. Goede reis! Ik kijk nu al uit naar alle mooie foto's. Heel veel plezier en inspiratie!