Thursday, October 26, 2017

urban jungle donkey basket

urban jungle donkey basket banana plant urban jungle donkey basket

The green donkey basket I found at the local weekly Ourika river market last week.
Actually I bought it for my bike, but soon realized that I do not have a luggage carrier on my bike, haha...
I would definitely find another application, so I decided to buy the basket anyway...
Perhaps as planter in the garden? or wool baskets?
You can not possibly find an even more impractical souvenir to take in your suitcase, but I was facing the challenge and managed to bring it home.

Once at home I knew it right away, it's a plant box! The urban jungle donkey basket.

marrakech october 2017 marrakech october 2017

and the two humorous market merchants from the donkey basket stall (they insisted to have their picture taken)


  1. last time i brought back a big basket full of wool and a stool. When I arrive in Bordeaux the zipper of my suitcase was broken ;-)
    next time, new suitcase and new challenge, i'll buy a donkey basket of course !!!

  2. Wat een topper! Mooie kleur en super leuk met die planten.
    Hopelijk vloog je met Royal Air Maroc, want dan kun je onbeperkt Marokkanse souvenirs en overgewicht meenemen...