Wednesday, July 18, 2018

italian sunbed

italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed

Summervibes in the backyard...

During our adventurous weeks in Sicily, we sometimes went 'alla spiaggia' and spent a relaxing day on a typical Italian summer bed on the beach.

Those who have been in Italy, know that these beds are s u p e r comfortable and the small adjustable sunroof is really great when you want to read a book, look on your phone or just want to lie in the shade with your face.

We agreed, we need an Italian sunbed in our backyard. It's so easy when you can leave the sunbed outside all summer and the bed is light enough to carry it by yourself and move it around in the garden. Our vintage bamboo daybed is too heavy to take outside on a sunny afternoon, I can't move it by myself.

Moreover, we know from experience that it is good to invest in quality when it comes to garden furniture. We are enjoying our Fermob furniture for years now, and it's outside all year.

The summer of 2018 has been excellent so far, so we decided to go for an Italian lounger right away when we came home from Sicily.

We ordered a weatherproof aluminum sunbed at LIGBED EXPRESS, they have a huge choice of colors, designs and materials. We went for v e r d e, a beautiful fresh green!

The sunbed was delivered from Italy super fast to our home. So everyone is happy with it and we are using the bed in turns (haha, some even lay a towel on the bed, to reserve it...) Sicilian summervibes in the backyard!

I can recommend it to everyone, treat yourself to a real Italian lounger. Instant summer feeling guaranteed!

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