Wednesday, May 18, 2022

in the countryside

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Wednesday 18th of May.

On this sunny morning we went with Liam to De Zuileshoeve, a rural and magical place outside town, recently created by our friends Hans & Lia Hilkmann.

Hidden among the greenery of De Biesbosch National Park, a unique tidal river delta. Land of willow forests, islands and creeks. A dynamic and adventurous natural and recreational area.

We had coffee, chocolate cake, some drinks and a bottle of milk on the terrace and we were lucky to meet the shepherd that came over with his flock so they could graze in the orchard. So there I stood with Liam-Novi on my arm in the middle of all the sheep and it almost felt like I was in the countryside somewhere in Morocco.

Restaurant and B&B de Zuileshoeve is located on the waterfront in an old barn that has been restored and transformed into a bed & breakfast with four rooms with a view. It's is all about peace, nature and hospitality and a perfect stopover during a walk or bike ride through the area. You can enjoy a drink or lunch on the terrace or in the restaurant.

If you're ever happen to be in the area of Dordrecht, it's a must and I can assure you it feels like instant vacation.

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