Tuesday, November 7, 2023

ever-changing interior

november 2023 november 2023 november 2023

Noverber 2023

Same furniture, different setup.

The 'oversized' plants needed more space & daylight. Previously this year, We adopted a 'sad Strelitzia' from Minne. The plant completely recovered in our backyard this summer and had grown to a large size. Now that it's getting colder the houseplant has to go inside. The 'green invasion' called for change.

So we moved my desk in front of the window and 'borrowed' an old table from another corner to create a cozy nook with the tulip chairs.

Everything has been reused, nothing new, but a completely different vibe. We are more than satisfied with the new autumn/winter living room. And luckily we both like moving things around.

november 2023

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