Thursday, July 22, 2010

warm and soft

wood & wool blankets, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Sometimes I receive special orders with personal and beautiful stories and requests. This happened a few weeks ago. Lianne, mother of two, asked me if I wanted to make a comfort blanket.

They just had to say goodbye to their sweet and faithful Labrador Bodie and put his blanket with him in his grave.

She liked the idea of a comfort blanket for her children. I was impressed by this request and started the next day with the blanket. One night when I was working on it and watching a movie at the same time (women can do that). Actually I started in the middle of a movie and found it quite striking that the main character was a Labrador. The film has an emotional final 'blanket' scene in the garden.

The Bodie blanket was made in no time and I packed it with mixed feelings.

Yesterday Lianne sent me this sweet note; "Warm and soft, like Bodie, it feels like a comforting blanket..."


  1. How lovely.
    Vivienne x

  2. O wat mooi Ingrid! Heerlijk he dat je je creativiteit kunt gebruiken om mensen te troosten en helpen. Ik heb daar laatst ook een stukje over geschreven op mijn blog, over troostdekens die iemand maakt van lapjes uit kleding van overleden mensen. Wauw!

  3. How sweet! I know it will be treasured. I just absolutely love all the things you make with all the beautiful colors. :)

  4. I love all that colour. Gorgeous.

  5. That is so sweet. Bodies blanket is beautiful.

  6. That is so, so beautiful. I couldn't think of a better to feel comforted. You're blankets are truly beautiful (and heart felt). Pruxxx

  7. I believe the blanket gave comfort to everyone involved!
    But I'm not so sure about me watching TV while
    making a blanket at the same time,even if I'm a woman;)
    Kindest regards

  8. this is all so beautiful. the story. the comfort. the mother. thank you for sharing this story.

  9. I love stories behind things. What a lovely heartwarming one behind these pretty blankets!

  10. zo lief en mooi die persoonlijke verhalen achter de dekentjes ;)

  11. Wauw wat een bijzonder verhaal..
    Heb zelf de film ook eens, tijdens het haken ja, zitten kijken en kan me voorstellen dat het hiermee voor jou ook nog bijzonder(der) werd.