Friday, July 16, 2010

p for

His 'little' sister Pippa made this beautiful profile photo of her big brother this morning. She wanted to have a nice picture of him, because he will be in Italy with his friends for the next 2 weeks and she's really gonna miss him.

Wednesday Minne received his Foundation Course Certificate. He finished his first-year study journalism and I'm really proud of him.
The text on the screen 'I can listen to others' is Minne's quote.

Paper round;
During the tropical heat of this week, I discovered Minne sleeping in the garden, early in the morning. After he finished his newspaper round (to finance his Italian holiday) he decided to have a nap in the garden instead of jumping back in his bed. Such a sweet sight!


  1. Geweldig! Een echte trotse mams ;) Inderdaad een mooie foto die Pippa maakte maar die in het gras is ook super.

  2. ah proud mama!! I'm off to see you Flickr photos :o)

  3. What a beautiful and obviously independent and smart boy. You have every reason to be a super proud mama.

  4. we just waved goodbye to our son on his way to holland... he just finished his high school exams. i know how you feel, it's strange and great to be a mother of half adult children. and the pictures, as alway in your blog are a party to the eyes!

  5. de P van prachtig te zien dat je kinderen zo'n hechte band hebben!
    hoop dat dat hier ook blijft als ze groter zijn.

  6. lieve foto's van een trotse mama ;)

  7. I hope this fine-looking young man is having a nice time in Italy. I'm sure you're very proud of him.