Thursday, September 15, 2011

yay my sandra juto wrist worms arrived today!

Whenever I visited Sandra Juto's shop last year,
I could never decide which pair to pick.
If there are more colors available,
it always gets difficult for me.
Which color?
Tweed or wool?
Maybe I could make them myself?
No, I wanted the original ones so badly.
The Wrist Worms, handmade by Sandra Juto.
My hands freeze quite quickly.
So last week I went to Wrist Worms Wonderland again and this time I've put a pair in my basket and went to the checkout.
No doubt.
Today I found the lovely package from Berlin on my desk when I got home.

I'm ready for autumn!


  1. i am SO glad to see them on your hands, thank you thank you for supporting my work (extra glad you chose this pair, it's one of my own favourites :))!

  2. Je hebt hele mooie gekozen, lijkt mij ook wel wat. Krijg altijd hele koude handen achter de computer!

  3. I cannot choose either.. which ones did you order?

  4. I feel just the same as you about Sandra's Wrist Worms... but everytime I check her wonderland the ones I really want have already been snapped up! One day I will get here first... :)
    Emma, x