Saturday, March 24, 2012

sissy boy

sissy boy by wood & wool stool
sissy boy, a photo by wood & wool stool on Flickr.

Being a big fan of Sissy Boy since my teens,
I was pleasantly surprised by the message that I am one the winners of the 30th anniversary book of Sissy Boy.

In the 25th anniversary book published in spring 2007, a few pictures of Pippa and me were featured.

When we visited the SB shop in Breda 5 years ago, we got the book as a gift from the storemanager, who had recognized us as regular customers in the book.

Now we won the book!

The beautiful book represents the classy SB style through the years.
It's a tribute to the founder Michael Smit.
Reading the handwritten text of Michael in the 25th anniverery book, really touched me yesterday.

Sissy Boy is my favorite store in the Netherlands and I can't imagine my wardrobe and home without Sissy Boy...


  1. cool..en oeeeh je hebt het tijdschriftenrek..staat op mijn verlanglijstje

  2. Wat een geluk! Ik hou ook van Sissy Boy: niet alleen de kleding, ook de meubels en interieuraccessoires vind ik erg gaaf!

  3. What a lucky girl!!! Ik draag ook graag de kleding van Sissy Boy. Ik vind de kleurstellingen altijd prachtig.
    Geniet van deze mooie zondag :)