Wednesday, March 21, 2012

nathalie lété plates

nathalie lete plates by wood & wool stool
nathalie lete plates, a photo by wood & wool stool on Flickr.

Yesterday the mailman brought two boxes from Londen.
Content; thirteen diner plates by Natalie Lete.
Well, there's only one plate pour moi.
Last Thursday I showed my colleagues the Natalie Lete plate I was planning to order at Anthropologie. In no time I had a collective order of 13 diner plates.
Today I have displayed the colorful collection on the garden table (for the picture) and tomorrow I will hand out the dinner plates to my colleagues.
Tonight we have opened the 'dinner outside' season (using other plates by the way).


  1. They are great ! I have the one with the mushroom, I offered it to myself the last time I went to London.
    I hope having all the collection on my table a day, I love dreaming too !

  2. oh wow! these plates give a ultimate summer feeling for sure!
    Beautiful colours!


  3. Oh wat hou ik toch van haar. Ik hoop een heleboel van haar werk tegen te komen in Parijs in Juli. Kan niet wachten!

  4. These are beautiful. I would have to sit at the table all day long. Enjoy.

  5. mooj!
    De villa was ook super trouwens vorig wknd, alles mooj tot aan het lettertype op de menukaart! Nu nog een keer terug in het diner outside season....

  6. It's beautiful ! I'd like one of my own...

  7. Oh wat zijn ze mooi!! Die staan ook mijn mijn verlanglijstje !!!

  8. Hi Ingrid - I've just seen your note regarding not using your images without permission - I have used a couple on Pinterest here -, and here - - with links straight back to you - would you like me to remove them - sorry - should have asked first.
    Best wishes,

  9. really nice I'd love to join in! :)

  10. what a fabulous little collection of plates!
    x kat