Friday, August 30, 2013

le soleil


During a walk through Bayonne on our last vacation day, we found a wonderful vintage design shop, Le Labo Vintage. We had a peek inside and found this beautiful sun!
An appropriate summer souvenir and fits perfectly with the bamboo mirror, we found on a market a few weeks earlier.

After the mirror was carefully packed, the 'vendeuse' proudly told us, we were the first customers and the shop was not yet officially opened... Her husband who was busy decorating the shop, joked; champagne!
The whole situation made ​​our purchase even more amusing.

Lets face it, what's a better souvenir to take home from France? Le soleil!


  1. Hij is prachtig en nog geweldiger met dit verhaal erachter!

  2. That is such a funny story behind the purchase! I love it when items in our homes come with these amusing tales attached. Bon weekend, friend! :)