Monday, June 9, 2014

wood & wooly baby waistcoat pattern

wood & wooly baby waistcoat

It was inevitable!

After a wood & wooly cardigan for women, I figured a wood & wooly waistcoat for the little ones would be utterly cute!

So I've designed a wood & wooly baby waistcoat and have written down the pattern.

It's made in 'for-the-little-ones' size and will fit lot's of babies and toddlers, because it's a sleeveless cardigan.
One size fits all, isn't a term you often use for babies, but I guess it's true in this case.

All you need is about 100 grams of wool and a crochet needle size 6 and within a couple of hours you can make a super cute waistcoat!

You can purchase this pattern now in my ETSY SHOP.


  1. Zo schattig... groetjes Lisanne

  2. waistcoat is stunning! :) I would have it for myself ;)

    1. Hej Magda Lena, you could, because there's also a pattern for women ;)