Friday, February 6, 2015

casa emocional

casa emocionalcasa emocionalcasa emocionalgood morning

As I'm reading my favorite Spanish interior magazine AD - architectural digest - I come across a term that really appeals to me;

casa emocional
CerĂ¡mica, geometrĂ­as, arte de amigos, mantas de ganchillo y mucho humor.
Esa es mi casa!

Ceramics, geometries, art of friends, crocheted blankets and lot's of humor are the signs of an emotional home.

The house we live in, belongs to this category.


  1. I also call them "casas con alma". They are those that have a je ne sais quoi, that as soon as you come in you feel something special, and you want to appreciate every detail closely. Yours Ingrid looks like one of those! Lovely! Besos Miriam

  2. Love It.... and I love too AD!
    Have a nice day, Ingrid!