Thursday, September 24, 2015

blanket from the beach

beach finds

One day on the beach at the Praia do Meco, we were surprised by a visit of a trader in Indian blankets.
We were just about the only ones on the beach and the sweet and patient trader, showcased all his beautiful colorful blankets on the beach for us (at least 15 pieces)
It was a splendid sight, all those multicolored block printed fabrics in the open on the sand.
We picked two blankets, one for us and the other one for my friend Rosa.
He kissed the money and was very happy he sold two blankets, neatly folded all the other cloths again and walked on across the deserted beach.

The blue peacock blanket is showing off in our attic room. I'm sure we will always remember the special way we bought it. I love those kind of souvenirs.
The memory makes the Indian block print fabric even more beautiful.

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