Friday, November 27, 2015

perforated plant

urban jungle living hole plant lisboa lisboa - jardim botanico lisboa

Swiss Cheese Plant - Gatenplant - Monstera deliciosa. All names for this lovely tropical plant.

In the Jardim Botanico in Lisbon I fell in love with the huge Monstera deliciosa plant this summer. In one of the rooms of our apartment there was a single leaf on the vase.

I've been looking for the plant eversince and it wasn't easy to find one, but last week I've bought a small version at Dille & Kamille in Rotterdam.

The holes make it...


  1. I'm searching it too. Beautiful Monstera Deliciosa, we used the have it when I was a child, these days its quite hard to find one ;) It looks so good in your living room.
    Have a lovely weekend! Greetings from İstanbul.

  2. I´ve always wanted one too! Here in Argentina we call it "Costilla de Cristo". It's a beautiful and really decorative plant!