Tuesday, November 17, 2015


typography typography typography

We are collectors of vintage letters. In and around the house we have metal letters from all over Europe, in all colors, sizes and fonts.

By putting letters together, it looks even cooler I think. A type bench instead of type case.
Last month my husband walked past an old bank building in Madrid, where at that time they were hitting letters with brute force from the wall. The M and upside U were already on the ground and the workers did not understand why Henk would want to take them, but go ahead they said... He had to place for only two letters in his hand luggage.
Now they are part of the collection and along with the other letters we tried to make a word with an anagram maker, but it did not work. So no word, just letters.

The Moroccan bread basket serves as business card storage basket, with cards of nice places all over the world, we took during our trips.

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  1. this is a charming corner!
    I looove letters! in a book, in a son, in a sculpture....
    Thanks for sharing so many nice thing, Ingrid!