Saturday, November 19, 2016

harlequin herringbone pattern

woodwoolstool harlequin herringbone pattern

A new design.

The harlequin herringbone pattern.
My two favorite patterns meet each other in a new project.

Well new? I have started making a whole lot of white harlequin this summer and in the meantime I've done a lot of side projects, but this week I finally finished the new rug. Also to be used as a blanket.

I'm really excited how it turned out.

I've written the pattern and included a lot of photo's, so you can make your own harlequin herringbone rug or -blanket.

You can find the harlequin herringbone pattern in my E T S Y shop.


  1. Beautifully made! I also think the bedspread with the flowers on the bed is beautiful!

    Greetings Marijke

  2. It's gorgeous