Tuesday, January 17, 2017

vase d'amour

vase d'amour vase d'amour vase d'amour

Vase d'avril, but i call it vase d'amour for the occasion.

Last week in Paris, Henk surprised me with a very special wedding anniversary gift.
We visited the shop of Tsé & Tsé Associés in Paris and while i was looking around upstairs in the amazing shop, Henk bought my favorite vase.
It was an amazing surprise!

I've been working with the Vase d'Avril for almost ten years now, during my flowerdays at Villa Augustus.
During the years I've sold a lot of vases in the market shop and told the happy new owners it's a great investment, because you can create a tiny flowerfield with just a few flowers.
This morning I bought some tulips at the flowershop, where my daughter Pippa is working and she choose those pretty pastel pink tulips for me.

I think it looks amazing on the small table in our kitchen and I'm very happy with it. So precious!


  1. i love this vase d'avril/vase d'amour !!! in winter mine is filled with plants that root to be planted in the spring :-)

    1. Sounds like a brilliant idea; mini green nursery. Xx