Saturday, November 11, 2017

d.i.y. handmade luxe looped cardigan

wood & wooly cardigan met mouwen woodwoolstool wooly cardigan rotterdam maas[bike]tunnel rotterdam 019

The handmade crochet luxe looped cardigan you can make yourself.

You can download the pattern in my Etsy shop.

Yesterday I came across a photo on the instagram account of Anthropologie...

A loopy cardigan that looks a lot like my wooly cardigan.
So I went to the Anthropologie webshop to have a closer look;

a hand-knit luxe looped cardigan for $580.00?!

anthropologie cardigan

I did not believe my eyes...

I made a loopy cardigan some years ago, even made some for others and after a lot of request I wrote the pattern.

You can make the luxe cardigan yourself and save some money for a nice city trip.
Haha, why don't you join one of the Cool Crochet workshop in Marrakech next year and I can show you how to work the loop stitch...

If you think the cardigan is too fluffy you can also wear it inside out. Here's a l i n k to an old 'inside out' blogpost from 2013.

I wear mine a lot and it is still one of my favorite cardigans. I always get a lot of compliments and nice comments when I wear it.