Friday, April 6, 2018

3rd 'marrakech' baby

3rd marrakech baby

Another 'Marrakech' baby was born yesterday afternoon.

This baby boy 'travelled' with us all the way to the desert and the Atlas Mountains, during the Cool Crochet workshop last October. Admittedly in his mother's belly, but still...

His name is Otis and he is Suzan's beautiful firstborn.
As a maternity gift, I've made a tiny wooly waistcoat for him.

Otis is the third 'cool crochet' baby that joined us on one of the workshops in Marrakech.

The first one was Enea, son of Ilaria and went with us during the Cool Crochet workshop in April 2014. The second was Leo and came along on the Cool Crochet workshop in October 2016. He is also a son of Ilaria.

So Otis is the third in a row of boys that went to Marrakech, before birth.

Today I will send the wooly cardigan to Suzan. In two days I will leave for Marrakech again and I wonder if there will be another announcement from a participant this time, haha...

If you want to make an original handmade maternity gift (or baby birthday gift),
you can download the baby waistcoat pattern from my E T S Y shop

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