Saturday, November 23, 2019

julia sweater - knitting pattern

knitted julia sweater knitted julia sweater

The JULIA sweater.

A new knitting pattern designed for the JULIA yarn by Zeeman, a Dutch textile super.
Julia yarn is available in 10 different colors; off-white, gray, green, lilac, yellow, red, pink, bordeaux, ocher, blue, baby blue and black. I chose lilac.

When you are a beginning knitter and you would like to knit something else than just a scarf, this is the perfect project for you!

I'm sure you are able to complete this easy-level project.
The sweater is reversible, knitted in one piece, so there are no seems on the shoulder. Both sides have a different look.

It's a great pattern for advanced knitters too, because the tricky part of putting your knitted sweater together, is a lot easier.

You can download the Julia sweater pattern in my ETSY SHOP.

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