Tuesday, January 21, 2020

d.i.y. tuesday & french toast

d.i.y. tuesday french toast for lunch d.i.y. tuesday d.i.y. tuesday

Pippa will move to a new place soon.
An old house in the city center, currently being renovated to make it habitable.
Nowadays it's very difficult for young people to find an affordable home in the Netherlands.
She has been waiting for so long and finally will have a place of her own soon.
In March she's moving in together with her boyfriend Joe, if all goes well.

Pip is looking forward to decorating her interior and has her own style, which is nothing like ours haha...
And that's exactly how it should be, right?

We are planning DIY Tuesdays for the coming weeks and I love to help.

Today the first preparations;

Filling up the golden pouf from Marrakech, which she bought almost 3 years ago...

Foam flakes all over the place! (including my woolen sweater, and it won't come off)

After cleaning up the mess, we went to the hardware store for tools and paint. Choices, choices, but we found just the right color.

Time for a break. I made French toast for lunch. In Dutch called 'wentelteeftjes', Pippa's all time favorite.

Back to work. We settle in my atelier (Pip's bedroom after all), so boucherouite carpet on the side, banana leaf curtains up and get started.

Together we carried our old heavy baroque mirror from the attic to clean it and paint it 'Flandres grey'.

Pippa handles the paint brush like a pro and she was very satisfied with the result.

We had such a fine day together and will continue next week...

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