Tuesday, January 28, 2020

iffr - international filmfestival rotterdam 2020

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Rotterdam - Tuesday 28th of January

Today we went to Rotterdam to visit the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)

Yesterday I booked tickets for Little Joe.

Scientist Alice (Emily Beecham, winner of Best Actress at Cannes) develops new plants for a commercial bio company. She is very proud to have come up with a revolutionary innovation: an eye-catching red indoor plant that gives off a pollen that makes you happy. The plant works like Prozac: if well cared for, it increases the owner's sense of happiness.

Breaking all the company rules, Alice, who spends so much time in the laboratory, secretly takes home a prototype of the anti-depression plant for her lonely child and names it after her teenage son Joe.

Visually everything is just right about Little Joe, a film by Austrian director Jessica Hausner. Sets, costumes, hairstyles are tightly aligned of bright colors. The bright red petals of flower 'Little Joe' as a dramatic centerpiece.

Elegant and absurd film! Stunning science fiction house plant theme and the style and colors sometimes reminded me of Wes Anderson.

We are planning to see another IFFR film this weekend. Tips anyone?

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