Tuesday, February 25, 2020

at work @villa_augustus

at work @villa_augustus

Snapped during the making of an instagram post for the official Villa Augustus account.

Most of you followers might know, I've been working at Villa Augustus since the opening in June 2007 and I've made many, many pictures on my workplace in all those years.

You could find them on my blogposts about Villa Augustus and later on my own @woodwoolstool instamgram account.

I have been taking so many photos at Villa Augustus since the beginning, especially during my weekly flower days, but also pictures of the gardens, the interior, restaurant, market and the hotel.
And after all those years, I still love my workplace, it's such a special and inspiring place.

Since April 2017, I am responsible for the official @villa_augustus instagram account, photography and management.

Photography in my workplace with unlimited possibilities to shoot and I can 'legally' post workspace pictures, every day...

And since I post a photo every day, you might find less 'at work' posts on my blog.

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