Friday, February 28, 2020

books, blankets & boucherouites

books, blankets & boucherouites

The vintage locker, we bought in 2012, has already been a storage place for many stuff.

Since my entire wool stock has moved to my studio, nowadays there are mainly interior and art books in the middle, paperwork on the right and lots of stuff on the left. The middle one is neat, the others are a mess 🙈

The left compartment needs to be cleaned up and sorted out. I don't feel like it nonetheless, because I know I'm not good at cleaning up long-kept personal items at all. First I take everything out, then the entire room is a mess and in the end 90% of the stuff, will go back inside.

I have to wait until I am in a mood. I'm waiting for spring...

For now I wish you'll a nice weekend!

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