Monday, May 4, 2020

creating a color story entrance - hallway wall painting

creating a color story entrance

Yesterday while wearing my sunday dress but not having any plans for the day yet, I decided to make a wallpainting in the hallway out of the blue.

Impulsive projects are often the best...

So I just started using tray the pots with paint from previous projects.

We had already removed the scrap wood wall a while ago, to give the hallway a freshening up.

At the end of the day I only had a few more colors to go... But I had enough of it and it was getting too dark anyway, so I decided to clean the paint brushes and finish the hallway wallpainting tomorrow.

After breakfast I went on with the wallpainting and now I only have to paint the final block, but the original wall color goes actually beautiful with the rest.

I will sleep on it for another night, for I think I might consider the wallpainting 'unfinished' otherwise.

The other walls have to be repainted anyway, because of stains and minor damage. So if I use a different color for the other walls, the gray area at the bottom might seems a 'new' color in the end.

Making a fresh colorful entrance was super fun to do and now I truly hope we can welcome our friends and family soon!

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