Monday, August 17, 2020

indigo block print kaftan from ibiza

indigo blockprint kaftan indigo blockprint kaftan indigo blockprint kaftan

I always get a lot of questions about my outfits in (private) messages on instagram and mails in response to blog posts.

Some kaftans are made by myself, some of them I found in secondhand shops, most of them I found abroad. Some in Lisbon, some in Londen. And some online.

This block print kaftan dress is from Aurobelle Ibiza. Have a look at their colourful exclusieve collection! The aim of owner Jane is to create beautiful garments in the most ethically and environmentally conscious way possible and support artisanal practices around the world, making each piece uniquely beautiful.

I fell in love with this indigo blue beauty! A super light organic cotton fabric, awesome handmade block print design and even pockets!

Slow fashion, wear clothes that matter.

Throughout the years i've discovered my kaftan dresses are timeless and perfect summer wear for almost any occasion.

I started wearing kaftans when i went to Marrakech more often. It feels more comfortable and respectful to adapt your outfit to the culture and it's effective in the heat and yet very feminine.

I've been wearing my kaftan collection for years and it's not going to fall out of fashion, so it moreover seems to be the most sustainable part of my wardrobe.

The ones who know me, know that I could wear kaftans all day every day...

A kaftan in summertime creates comfort, ease in the heat, and very much a sense of grace. Also after summer, a kaftan is the perfect stylish loungewear after a bath or shower. You can wear it all year around.

Alltogether slow fashion!

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